Cacophonics - We are born to make you happy!

Chances what we`ve been living for
Consist of empty looking, staring in the ads.
I know maybe, maybe it`s perfect,
That human heads can show you what is good, what`s bad.

Just pay - that`s why you are living for
No conflicts if relations in the black
It`s not maybe, neither perfect
Your body's like an aerial, it`s getting all, but

You`re disappointed in your life.
Existance takes us all, Makes die,
Although it`s “comfortablest way to live today”.

We are born to make u happy,
We are working to make you smile.
"Take on me" - lies industry
For saying “Yes” your choice is free.
We define expression “happy”,
Scenery says - you must smile.
Don`t have the right to say: "I`ll fight".

Chances what we`re been living for -
A branch of theories they given us for free.
Love is sex and hate is war, yeah.
For stupid men explaining`s best when primitive!

Komentārs: Dažādi savstarpēji ipaši nesavienoti domu uzplaiksnījumi, tā
teikt, ejot par ielu, raugoties reklāmās, klausoties radio, skatoties
televizoru. Par to, ka musu izvēle šajaa laikmetā ir aizsegta mēness otrā -
 neredzamajā- pusē...