More Than Talking - Heart Strings Disrupt

I see a thousands falling stars, the brightest one is he,

He doesn’t want you to let him burn away,
To burn away in the flames of loneliness and anguish.
So I beg you not to let that happen

It’s sad to see your hearts separated
And no one knows will they ever get together again

But you know, he`ll give you a way
So you can get a step further

He’ll hide behind the masks, hoping to stay unrecognised.
From You?
You won’t! For you this charade is crystal clear.
You are the one who loves him most truly and faithfully.
How he can hate a person who has brought him just love

I have a question!!!

What would you do if the only person
Who can heel your sorrow makes you cry?
If YOU see the Moon in the sky,
Take a look at it
`cause he has scratched your names on it
And good night wishes to YOU

He’ll wait for you…