"Ko runā un redz mana Rīga?!" meklē dalībniekus. Piesakies!

Sanita Lāce, 07.06.2012., 22:58

Jauniešu organizācija "Baltic Student" izsludina pieteikšanos projektam Rīgas jauniešiem "Ko runā un redz mana Rīga?!", kas norisināsies vairākos posmos no 30. jūlija līdz 31. augustam, Rīgā.

Pieteikšanās termiņš: 2012. gada 4. jūlijs līdz pulksten 16.00 uz info@balticstudent.lv ar norādi "Ko runā un redz mana Rīga?!" Pieteikuma anketa atrodama šeit.

Pieteikuma un darba valoda: latviešu
Jauniešu vecums: 15-22 gadi

Mēs aicinām projektā pieteikties aktīvus jauniešus ar padziļinātu interesi vienā no projekta tēmām: žurnālistika, fotografēšana vai publisko attiecību koordinēšana un vadīšana. Visus kopā vienos kopīga interese - Rīgas pilsētas izzināšana. Iepriekšēja profesionālā pieredze netiek prasīta.

Projekta sākumā jauniešiem būs iespēja iziet divu dienu apmācību par verbālo un neverbālo komunikāciju, iepazīties ar žurnālista darbu ikdienā, pielietojamajām metodēm un žanriem, lai veiksmīgāk veidotu radošu un interesantu rakstu, kā arī ievadu par publisko attiecību koordinēšanu un fotogrāfijas pamatus (kadrējums, gaismas, stāsts, u.c.).

Projekta otrajā daļā iegūtās zināšanas praktiskā veidā tiks pielietotas, strādājot grupās. Darbības mērķis - izveidot informatīvu rakstu par noteiktu Rīgas rajonu (apkaimi) -, organizējot tā pilnu realizācijas gaitu, sākot ar materiāla iegūšanu līdz tā publicēšanai medijos.

Piedaloties projektā, jauniešiem būs iespēja iegūt jaunas iemaņas, gan teorētiskā, gan praktiskā veidā, dibināt kontaktus un apmainīties pieredzēm. Tāpat dalība projektā ir lieliska iespēja tikt pie savām pirmajām publikācijām, jo jauniešu veikums tiks publicēts dažādos medijos, kā arī prezentēts izstādēs Rīgas vidusskolās, bet labākās fotogrāfijas tiks izdrukātas kā pastkartes.

Projektu organizē jauniešu organizācija "Baltic Student". Projekts tiek finansēts ar Rīgas domes Izglītības, kultūras un sporta departamenta atbalstu.

Sīkāku informāciju par projektu var iegūt rakstot uz info@balticstudent.lv ar norādi "Ko runā un redz mana Rīga?!"

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http://jav.in.net/ngentot-sma ngentot sma What is to be done? “Don’t look. They are unfortunate, unhappy, suffering people who are angry that they have no voice,” said friends. My partner was more direct. “Walk away from it. You don’t need to write journalism at all.” But I like engaging with public issues, and it is a good thing to engage with readers and with people who disagree with you. Not one person disputed the point that disability benefit claims have risen enormously. Many of them started with personal abuse, and then demanded, as of a point of right, that I apologise and enter into discussion with them – by which they did not, I’m afraid, mean a discussion at all.
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http://bokep.in.net/tamil-hd-movies tamil hd movies In a statement provided by a spokesman for SAC, based in Stamford, Conn., the company said, "SAC has never encouraged, promoted or tolerated insider trading and takes its compliance and management obligations seriously. The handful of men who admit they broke the law does not reflect the honesty, integrity and character of the thousands of men and women who have worked at SAC over the past 21 years. We will continue to operate as we work through these matters."
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http://jepang.in.net/bokep-montok bokep montok Pennsylvania, which sits atop the Marcellus shale formation,is at the heart of the U.S. fracking boom. Production there hasrocketed since 2005, but the state has also experienced a numberof drilling accidents and spills.
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http://jepang.in.net/mertua-dan-menantu-selingkuh mertua dan menantu selingkuh U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle in Chicago said the leadplaintiff plausibly alleged that Groupon used improper "refundaccounting" to boost revenue and reduce operating losses ininitial public offering materials and subsequent regulatoryfilings, and knew or should have realized its statements werefalse.
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http://barat.in.net/desi-kahani desi kahani Heyward was struck by a 90 mph fastball from New York Mets left-hander Jonathon Niese in the sixth inning Wednesday. The impact made a loud noise, and the crowd groaned as Heyward crumpled to the ground.
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http://jepang.in.net/english-to-telugu-translation english to telugu translation Luxembourg, with a population of just over half a millionpeople between France, Germany and Belgium, is the one of theworld's smallest countries, but is a vibrant financial centre.It is second only to the United States for investment funds andis also a leading private banking hub. (Reporting by Michele Sinner; Writing by Philip Blenkinsop andMartin Santa; Editing by Robin Pomeroy)

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http://jav.in.net/jav-bokep jav bokep The Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) edgedup 0.1 percent to 2,042.94 points by 0235 GMT, struggling tobreakthrough the 2,050 point level, which is the upper limit ofa range analysts say the main bourse has been trapped within.
http://bokep-barat.in.net/movierulz-2019-telugu-movies movierulz 2019 telugu movies &ldquo;A Russian citizen could not publish a testament like the one I just offered,&rdquo; he said. &ldquo;President Putin and his associates do not believe in these values. They don't respect your dignity or accept your authority over them. They punish dissent and imprison opponents. They rig your elections. They control your media.&rdquo;
http://abgxxx.in.net/sex-japan-selingkuh sex japan selingkuh Like many Jamaican homosexuals, Dwayne was careful about confiding in others about his sexual orientation. But when he saw a girl he had known from church, he told her he was attending the party in drag.
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http://barat.in.net/selingkuh-xxx selingkuh xxx Berlin, however, on Friday issued a stern travel warning following this week's violence. Germany stopped short of seeking to evacuate its currently estimated 40,000 citizens there, but firmly advised against traveling to Egypt. If travel warnings from many EU countries were issued or kept in place, Egypt's already fragile economy would face further mayhem.
http://jepang.in.net/abg-xxx abg xxx The three sources, who have direct knowledge of the matter,said an email sent in December 2011 by Britain's financialregulator did not explicitly warn of a capital hole at Co-op,but said it was not clear that the mutual could transform itselfinto an organisation capable of completing the purchase.
http://tamilxxx.in.net/jav-streaming jav streaming There’s also a feeling within the organization that Ma and Pa ain’t (like all of us) getting any younger. There’s a realization it’s time to start grooming younger voices to take over. This could lead to another voice being hired and added as a Yankees yakker next season with an eye on an expanded future in the booth.

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http://abgxxx.in.net/xxx-desi-videos xxx desi videos The researchers combed studies from the 1940s through the present, selecting only those that were well-designed, randomized, and controlled. Some participants received the flu vaccine, and others placebo. The “end point” for each of the 6735 participants was whether or not they experienced a major adverse cardiovascular event – death from heart disease, hospitalization for heart attack, heart failure, unstable angina, stroke, and urgent coronary revascularization. The risk of experiencing one of these events was compared for those who’d received the flu shot and those who’d gotten placebo.
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http://bokep.in.net/jva jva Thomas then goes on to talk about other health care horror stories he has encountered on previous visits to the U.K. He said patients have been reported to have waited up to eight hours in ambulances because no hospital beds were available. Also, up to 20 hospitals across the country may close to avoid financial ruin. And officials there have said 4,000 lives a year are lost because of poor weekend care. Another story he saw in the press there had 1,200 people starving to death in NHS hospitals because nurses were too busy to feed them.
http://selingkuh.in.net/bokep-simontok bokep simontok &ldquo;Just trying to balance the schedule. We&rsquo;ve got a challenging 10 days ahead of us. Just trying to keep everyone involved as best we can and find matchups where it might make the most sense.&rdquo;

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http://desi.in.net/smp-ngentot smp ngentot 5) Self-styled town crier Tony Appleton took it upon himself to declare the birth of Baby Cambridge. Dressed in traditional clothing, he bellowed out a message to well-wishers from the steps of the Lindo Wing, where the baby was born. He ended his message with the traditional words: "May he be long-lived, happy and glorious, and one day reign over us. God save the queen."
http://barat.in.net/bokep-arab bokep arab China reported exports and imports rose surprisinglystrongly in July, easing fears that a slowdown in the world'ssecond largest economy would threaten the improving outlook inEurope and the fragile U.S. recovery.
http://jav.in.net/play-tamil play tamil But Erdogan, under pressure from nationalists for offering concessions to militants officially deemed terrorists, denied this, and said the measures would not "disturb the Turkish public", Vatan reported.
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http://jepang.in.net/cerita-dewasa-jilbab-selingkuh cerita dewasa jilbab selingkuh Takeovers are always a risky business. Time will tell whether this deal resembles two drunks propping each other up at the bar, or the Elysium of the whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts. Yesterday&rsquo;s results were for the year ended June, so don&rsquo;t include May Gurney trading as the acquisition was completed in July. However, a post year-end update gave investors a first glimpse of the combined group.
http://jepang.in.net/indian-desi-sex indian desi sex "According to a representative of the Rocket Forces, the test was used to confirm characteristics of the Topol missile, to test the systems of the Sary Shagan test site, and 'to test new combat payload for intercontinental ballistic missiles,'" RussianForces.org wrote on Oct. 10.
http://abgxxx.in.net/telugu-matrimony telugu matrimony "All were in agreement that the report, its assessment and its diagnosis fail to provide sufficient evidence of an eligible impairment leading to permanent or verifiable activity limitation -- which is required under the IPC Swimming Classification Rules and Regulations."
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http://desi.in.net/ desi bhabhi xxx This is a reported blog dedicated to highlighting these basic human rights, how they are defined, why they are needed and who are the people struggling to uphold them. The blog is also a way for us to provide GlobalPost&rsquo;s in-depth reporting and foundation-supported Special Reports &mdash; on rights relating to labor, gender, sexuality, the environment, the Internet, children, speech and assembly, and more &mdash; with steady updates, insights and analysis worth sharing. This is a blog called RIGHTS, but the story telling here about those rights are not intended as advocacy and will always stay true to GlobalPost&rsquo;s reporting standards of fairness, accuracy and independence. 
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